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What is…
A Stranger Chronicle

This is my story.

That's what we're here to tell. My story, your story, our story together. It may have been a long, strange trip or it may be just the beginning. But no two stories are alike and the ones that walk through our door are different from most.

Don't let the strangeness bother you. It's already a part of you; enjoy it and know that it strengthens others and ourselves when we share it.

This is… A Stranger Chronicle.

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Artistic Music Production

Whether you are just stepping off the karaoke stage or just stepping up to the main stage, we endeavour to make a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere where your creativity can run wild! As such, we're here when you need us… do your best work overnight? No problem. Need to come in early when your chops are at their best? We're open for business. Need a nice home-cooked meal and a shower after giving your all? Seriously, we've got you! 

Founded in 2018 as a home-based studio, A Stranger Chronicle was created to enable us to work on our own creative projects as well as take on limited clientele for music and audio production projects. Expanding in 2023 under the Artistic Music Production (AMP)™ brand, we now offer a large, high quality, professional studio without the Major Label pricing! We aim to be a premier studio, but always welcome to any name. 

Additional brands under A Stranger Chronicle include Electrics Node Tooling (ENT)™, producing audio & industrial electronics, and Linear Audio Boutique (LAB)™, our line of instrument loudspeakers. 

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