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ASCAMP Recording Gear

The Quality You Need To Get The Sound You Want

Allen & Heath SQ-7

Discrete Digital Perfection

Our 70-input Allen & Heath SQ-7 is a digital mixer, but don't think "sterile"! With per-channel 96kHz 24-bit FPGAs and sub-millisecond system latency, the SQ-7 provides plenty of headroom for clean, pure audio. Need a little more dirt in your sound? Looking for the sweet even harmonics of valve/tube-based systems or the odd-harmonic grit of transistors? Read on, MacDuff!

Digital Processing

"In the box" Solutions

Within the SQ-7, itself, we feature nearly the full complement of Allen & Heath's DEEP plugins. These are highly detailed, true-to-the-original models of a variety of outboard processing gear, such as:

  • VCA, Opto, and FET compressor/limiters modelled on classics from Teletronix, SSL, Urei, dbx, and others

  • IIR and FIR filter EQ for pinpoint equalisation

  • Digital and (modelled) analogue delay lines, echo, reverb, &c

  • Bass synthesiser like the classic dbx model

A great feature of the DEEP plugins is they don't increase system latency at all; everything happens in real time in the mixer! 

In addition, our Apple Logic Pro-X based DAW hosts studio plugins and virtual instruments from:

  • Waves

  • Spitfire Audio

  • Native Instruments

  • TAL

  • Korg

  • Melda Production

  • …and many more!

To complement the power of the SQ-7 DEEP plugins, Logic plugins are run on a Waves Axis Proton and/or other external hardware to maximise DAW performance!

Input Processing

Analogue, Digital, and Hybrid

Regardless of source (e.g microphone, guitar DI, keyboards, &c), your signal can be fed directly into the board for a super clean sound or pre-processed with a variety of microphone preamps, compressors, effects, &c including (but not limited to): 

  • Focusrite ISA 428 - beautiful mic pre/DI set that fill out the sound and get the most from sources by precise impedance matching

  • SSL SiX - the industry standard input channel, with musical EQ and compression

  • Fredenstein Artistic Mic Pre Plus - colourful tone shaping, especially for vocals and electric guitar

  • Black Lion Auteur - a smaller transformer preamp that helps bring out "air" and "sheen", especially on female vocals and string instruments

  • dbx 576 - single channel mic pre coupled with single channel compressor, both valve/tube-based

  • ART TPS II - dual channel valve/tube-based mic pre with variable input impedance matching

  • Drawmer DL251 - dual channel "spectral" compressor allows sound sculpting by dynamically changing the compression curve according to the frequency spectrum

  • Aphex Tubessence - a valve/tube-based compressor with the heritage of the OG Aural Exciter

  • Alesis MidiVerb 4, Sony DPS-255 - multi-channel and multi-effect digital audio processing

  • Antares AVP-1, dbx ProVocal, and Tascam TA-1VP - digital effects featuring auto-tune and other vocal effects that also work great on other instruments

Output Processing

…but wait, there's more…!

After your sound is recorded into the system, we want to make sure it sounds great on playback! Our EQ, compression, and dynamics processing chain helps your recording punch & pop – or shimmer & sing – and make it "radio ready". Note that any of the aforementioned input processing can be applied to the output and vice-versa:

  • SSL Fusion - dynamics audio processing with a variety of subtle-to-extreme audio compression and colouration possibilities from The Name in professional recording

  • Klark-Teknik EQP-KT - a great-sounding modern take on the valve/tube-based classic Pultec EQ, which allows very subtle and musical tone-shaping

  • Revive Audio 2A-KT - a heavily modified Klark-Teknik product that gives the classic "soft-knee" response of the coveted Teletronix LA-2A levelling amplifier, a superb tool for bringing the elements of a mix together into a cohesive whole

Microphones & Monitoring

Our In-House Collection

We offer a large collection of microphones spanning old trusted standbys such as the Shure SM series to top-quality offerings, including:

  • AKG

  • Bang & Olufson

  • Beyerdynamic

  • JZ

  • Mojave

  • Neumann

  • sE

  • Sennheiser

  • Telefunken

…and many more! 

In-studio monitoring is provided by headphone monitoring via the Allen & Heath ME monitoring system as well as in-studio loudspeakers. Video monitoring is also provided in all three studios for tracking against timecode, watching a MIDI roll, or following video cues for soundtrack production.

The control room also offers full-range monitoring with a tuned Dynaudio system as well as multiple mono & stereo loudspeakers and headphones to preview the sound of your recording through a variety of audio reproduction chains. This helps ensure your sound comes through just as you want, whether listening through laptop computer speakers, car stereos, or state-of-the-art audiophile setups! 

Musical instruments


Available for use during your session*

We provide a variety of instruments that may be used on your projects, including:

Acoustic Pianos:

  • 2003 Young Chang YP208 Platinum 7' Studio Grand Piano

  • 1920 Edmund Gram upright "jangle" piano

  • 1883 Sohmer & Co. original Baby Grand

Digital Pianos:

  • Studiologic NUMA X Piano GT

  • Dexibell SX8

Multi-timbral Digital Synthesizers:

  • Kurzweil K2700

  • Roland Integra-7

Digital Performance Synthesizers:​

  • Waldorf Iridium Keyboard

  • Korg opsix SE Platinum

Hybrid Digital/Analogue Synthesizers:

  • Waldorf STVC

  • Korg prologue 8

Digital Sampling Synthesizers:

  • Korg DSS-1

Analogue Synthesizers:

  • ARP Odyssey MkII

  • Moog Subsequent 37

  • Sequential Prophet REV-2

  • Sequential Take 5

Electronic Drums:

  • Korg drumlogue analogue/digital drum machine

  • Alesis SR-18 digital drum machine

  • Alesis Nitro Mesh 8-pad kit with dedicated sound module & MIDI control


  • כנור bespoke acoustic violin

  • Yamaha YEV-104NT electric violin

  • Kay acoustic cello with The Realist pick-ups


  • Epiphone Les Paul Studio E1 Electric

  • Lark In The Morning Django gypsy classical

  • Amada A144 classical acoustic

  • Luna Gypsy Parlour


  • Ibanez GiO 5-string electric

  • Ibanez SDGR 4-string fretless electric

  • Rogue AB304F 4-string fretless electro-acoustic

  • Zeta The UpRite electric upright bass

  • כנור bespoke electric upright bass

  • Estle Louis Amber acoustic upright bass with The Realist pick-ups

Amplification & Effects:​

  • Bugera V55 Infinium w/Half Stack

  • Vox AC15C2

  • Ashdown Tour Bus 10

  • Trace Elliot BLX-160

  • Zoom G2X and B3n guitar and bass multi-effect pedals

Acoustic Drums:​

  • Pearl Forum-series Red Wine 8-piece kit

  • Pearl concert tambourine

  • AHP Ghanian djembe

  • Meinl tunable djembe

  • Treeworks Triangle

  • Various other shakers, hand drums, &c

* Note that additional use-fees will be applied to session times for instrument usage.

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